Áquila Tork

AQUILA TORK was developed especially for high-performance yarns. Used in very thick bonds to average count yarn.

Suitable for Cotton, wool, linen, mono and multifilament, PP-ribbons, Blended Yarns, Aramida and technical yarns of all kinds.

Electronic Backward Movement System

If it notices an error in the warp preparation, the operator who uses an antique Warp Tying machine that is available in the market, he or she needs to move the machine back manually to correct it. With the Aquila model, you need only one touch on the keyboard and the machine will move back by itself. In that way, the machine cannot be out of the rail.

Aquila also has an advanced reducing engine with a global system that controls the speed without power loss.

Easy Handling, it is able to tie any kind of yarn: wool, linen, silk, cotton, synthetic fibers, mixed yarns and stretch yarn. In simple or double knot.


  • 30 to 300 knots/minutes,
  • Double selection yarn system
  • Double yarn detectors,
  • Multicolored yarns program,
  • Supervision for five errors,
  • Advance layer controlled electronically,
  • Advance engine with reducing global system,
  • Electronic Backward Movement System
  • Adjustable knot end cutter (optional)
  • Application Range:
  • - De NM 0,5 a NM 50;
  • - De 200 Tex a 20 tex.
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